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"Nigel Yorwerth is doing an outstanding job as my literary agent for foreign and translation rights. He personally attends the Frankfurt, London, and Book Expo America book fairs each year. He has already negotiated sixteen foreign rights contracts in countries around the world, with another ten or twelve in process.

"I highly recommend Yorwerth Associates, LLC. Their experience, expert advice, and intuitive feel for the book market make them an invaluable and indispensable addition to any publisher’s team. "

—Chris Prentiss, author and publisher, Power Press, Malibu, California


Yorwerth Associates Literary Agents represents popular titles in self-help, personal growth, business, health, parenting, gifted children, spirituality, world traditions, and select fiction and poetry

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International publishers who are interested in acquiring rights:
If you are interested in reviewing copies of our clients' books, we will be happy to send PDFs of these titles for you to review. Please email: nigel@publishingcoaches.com

Publishers and authors
We represent publishers and authors at domestic and international book fairs to sell foreign rights and translation rights for books.

If you would like us to consider representing your books for foreign rights or translation rights sales internationally, please email: nigel@publishingcoaches.com



















"Nigel Yorwerth is knowledgeable, professional and great to work with….He has enthusiastically represented my book as a literary agent at the London, Frankfurt and BEA Book Fairs for foreign rights sales.  It’s only been about 6 months and 24 foreign publishers are reviewing my book already… If you want your book to look professional and get the right kind of attention, I highly recommend working with Yorwerth and Associates."

—Natalie Reid, Ph.D., author of 5 Steps to a Quantum Life: How to Use the Astounding Secrets of Quantum Physics to Create the Life You Want

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